ABA Therapy Supporting Children With Autism

Early Intervention ABA Therapy services proudly serving southeast Atlanta. Delivering services in home, in-daycare, in-school or community.

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Building Skills, For Today & Tomorrow

Our Services

Empowering individuals is at the heart of what we do. Through ABA therapy, we’re not only building essential skills for today but also paving the way for a brighter, more independent tomorrow.

ABA Therapy Services

ABA therapy sessions working 1 on 1 with your child building foundational skills.

Parent Coaching

Guiding parents on the autism journey: personalized strategies and support for the whole family.

Early Intervention Services

Transforming young lives with autism through targeted early interventions designed to help children thrive.

ASD Evaluations

Your child’s unique spectrum: detailed ASD evaluations offering a clear roadmap to tailored interventions and support.


Get Started in 3 Steps

Launching your ABA therapy journey is easier than you think. Follow the steps below to initiating our services tailored for your loved one’s growth.

Contact Us

Take the first step and contact us today. Together, we’ll chart a path through ABA therapy, tailored to your loved one’s unique needs.

Asssessment & Collaboration

Begin with a comprehensive assessment, where we work to understand your child’s individual needs and strengths. Our intake and skill assessment processes prioritize collaboration, ensuring families are active participants. Together, we will  tailor an approach, laying the foundation for effective interventions.

Begin Services

Once we have completed our assessment, we work with your family to create a holistic therapy schedule that works for your family.

Locally Owned & Operated

Proudly Supporting Families In Atlanta

Being a locally owned and operated ABA therapy firm underscores our dedication to the community we serve. It is our connection that drives our professional commitment, allowing us to offer holistic and effective therapeutic solutions.

Therapy Designed For Your Child

Individualized Therapy Programs

Our ABA therapy is rooted in the principle of personal care. By intertwining proven techniques with a deep awareness of individual distinctions, we deliver transformative and deeply connected support

Autism doesn’t come with an instruction manual; it comes with a family who never gives up.”

– Kerry Magro