Parent Coaching

When it comes to ABA therapy, parents and caregivers aren’t just observers; they’re integral participants. At ITD Group, we understand the profound impact that empowered parents can have on a child’s progress. Our parent coaching services are designed to incorporate you into the heart of the therapeutic journey, creating meaningful outcomes and maintaining positive behaviors.

Consistency Across Environments

When parents apply ABA principles at home, it creates a consistent and supportive environment for the child’s growth.

Improved Outcomes

Studies consistently show that children whose parents are actively involved in their ABA therapy witness more substantial and sustainable improvements.

Empowered Decision Making

With a deeper understanding of ABA strategies, parents can make informed decisions tailored to their child’s unique needs, both in daily situations and in broader life choices.

Parent Coaching: A Pillar of Your Child’s Treatment Plan

Our coaching doesn’t just focus on the child; it focuses on the family. By equipping parents with actionable insights and tools, we ensure that the positive behaviors nurtured during therapy sessions permeate daily life. This holistic approach amplifies the impact of therapy and paves the way for lasting positive change.

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